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Anne-Marrie Zukerman and sister, Libby Adler

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When Mosman mother-of-three Anne-Marie Zukerman received her breast cancer diagnosis, she was determined it wouldn't dramatically change her life. 
"I went onto Tamoxifen [a medication used to treat breast cancer] and will stay on that until after menopause," says Anne-Marie, 47. "I feel protected from the cancer returning but the downside is it puts your body into menopause mode, with sleeplessness and weigh gain. 
"I've piled on 16kg. It's been a struggle to lose it and I'm on a drug trial to lose the weight." 
That aside, it's been business as usual for the family of five. "We've kept [the breast cancer diagnosis and treatment] low key and didn't tell the children as they're too young and my mum died of it at 60. I didn't want to worry them that the same thing could happen to me," Anne-Marie explains. 
Sister Libby Adler, 48, adds: "Annie's diagnosis has made myself and our older sister much more body aware. We have yearly mammograms and self-check our breasts monthly. 
"Annie and I were already close, but this has drawn us even closer."

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