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Burn BABY burn!!!!!

Think Local

    On one of her morning strolls along Manly Beach, local mum Helen Fraser saw that women like herself were spending much of their exercise classes tending to their babies instead of working out. She thought there had to be a way of making it easier for new mums to juggle their physical activity and motherly duties - then it came to her and it's called LiveFitThrive.

   Basically, Helen runs six-week exercise classes out of her Fairlight home with a focus on core work - and guess what you can substitute for kettle bells? That's right your little one.

    “So in yesterday's class one of the mums didn't use a kettle bell the whole time and used her baby instead," she tells Peninsula Living. “There's lots you can do with babies very easily. When we are doing chest press, she could push her baby up and down, then you do things like Russian twists - a core exercise, and usually you do that with a kettle bell but again you can actually substitute your baby for that.

    "Her baby is four months old, so about eight kilos, so perfectly weighted for those exercises. And the babies love it, they are all involved and they love the stimulation and it's great for their spatial awareness.”

   The business has only been up and running since last September and Helen has been taken aback by the strong early interest and she puts it down to the intimate setting and numbers.

     “Because I run it from home and it's something that I was very conscious and sensitive to as well I didn't want there to be big classes because I did my research before I started and went to a couple of classes and they were all big. I was one of about 12 in one of the classes and it was my first ever exercise after having a child and the trainer knew that and still allowed me to push myself too hard, because there was just too much going on and she couldn't give everyone the attention they needed.

   "It's inspiring to see my clients change, they come and maybe look a little tired or downtrodden if the baby has had a rough night and they always leave happier and uplifted."

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