Raising the steaks



When Peninsula Living arrives at the expansive and modern Harbord Diggers, it’s a balmy mid-November evening and the sun is just starting to set.

Set inside the Diggers and just a stone’s throw away from the ocean, Teddy Larkin’s Seafood and Steakhouse is the scene for tonight’s dinner.

We are greeted warmly by the server, who ensures we are ‘VIPs’ for the night. It’s a nice touch, and already the service is impressive, making us feel right at home as if we had been regulars at Teddy Larkin’s for years.

We’re then taken to our own spacious and very comfortable booth, where we get a nice view of the kitchen and the rest of the restaurant. Groups of diners are enjoying their fish pies, steaks and ribs and the vibe is relaxed, with no booming music interfering with our peaceful enjoyment - big tick.

Continuing with the theme of excellent service, the manager then brings out some lovely garlic bread to start. We then order our entrées - garlic prawns for my dining companion, and chorizo meatballs for myself.

After each having a taste of both starters, we agree that the combination of the sauce and parmesan cheese complements the meatballs perfectly, while the flavour of the prawns is really brought out by the sauce.

Then it’s time for the main course.

The restaurant is aptly named, with a strong focus on seafood and steak among the main course dishes.

Provided with choices including striploin, eye fillet and black opal rump, I decide to go with the latter, with shoestring fries on the side.

As the perfectly cooked - medium - rump is brought out, I can’t help but notice it is incredibly thick.

Taking the first bite is an exercise in pleasure; the meat is simultaneously tough enough and soft enough - the perfect texture. The flavour of the mushroom sauce is delightful, pairing perfectly with the seasoning of the steak.

The steak is delicious and very hearty, as is the accompanying potato salad.

Overall, the tasteful decor, relaxed ambiance, and friendly service, combined with the fantastic meal, made dining at Teddy Larkin’s Seafood and Steakhouse an absolute pleasure. We can’t wait to return for more soon.

David Shilovsky, Intern, Peninsula Living Magazine

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