Sustainable and succulent street food



It’s a chilly evening when my partner and I descend on one of the hottest take-away venues on the Northern Beaches – P’Nut Street Noodles in Dee Why.

While it is predominantly a pick-up and delivery restaurant, there are tables available for the dine-in experience.

So, we take a seat and then take in the vibe – which is frenzied and exciting. The cooks are at full-pace, whipping up aromatic and authentically Thai dishes.

These are recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation and delighted countless consumers at street stalls across south-east Asia. 

But we’re not here for P’Nut’s daily menu. You see, the eatery, with its many venues across Sydney, has partnered with 2017 MasterChef winner Diana Chan to create a sustainable Asian soul food menu that minimises food wastage.  

And that is what we have been invited to try.

A mouth-watering menu featuring Malaysian fried rice with prawns, Singapore noodles and Malaysian hearty soup, as well as an indulgent side of handmade pork belly wonton dumplings served with homemade chilli paste.

Dishes made using leftover mushroom and broccoli stems, bok choy, ginger, shallots and carrots that would otherwise be discarded. 

One after another they arrive at our table, steaming and full of colour and flavour. 

If we hadn’t been told about the sustainable menu beforehand, there is no way we would’ve picked that the ingredients being used would normally be destined for the bin.

The dumplings and black pepper noodles are irresistible. The menu selection and cooking technique is of the highest quality – exactly what you’d expect from a collaboration with Diana Chan.  

Ms Chan said the vision behind the Asian Soul Food Minimum Waste, Maximum Taste menu was to create a tasty affordable Asian soul food menu that was easy to replicate at home and inspire individuals to adopt a zero-waste lifestyle by using whole vegetables.

“As a chef, I feel responsible for caring about the ingredients I use and have always been passionate about finding ways to reduce food waste, as well as increasing awareness throughout the sector and general public, and am confident that this collaboration with P’Nut will provide the perfect culmination of this,” she said.

We will certainly try to replicate it at home, but chances are we’ll be heading back to P’Nut for the professional touch!

Joe McDonough, Editor-in-Chief, Peninsula Living Magazine

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