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It’s a warm Wednesday evening in a bustling Avalon Parade, when Peninsula Living arrives.

We walk past popular Mexican eatery Alma on our left and the elegant Bistro Boulevard on our right, and there, with stylish lighting, exotic greenery, al fresco dining and fragrant aromas bursting out of the entrance, is Sea Wave Thai.

Sea Wave is Avalon’s new kid on the block. It only opened in October last year, and then had to endure the festive season snap lockdown.

But never mind that, because Joy and her team have gritted their teeth, waited patiently, and relaunched with a bang. Word has quickly spread, and even mid-week there is plenty of atmosphere.

Joy makes a point of chatting with every customer, and employs local teens as wait staff, because she wants to immerse herself in this tight-knit community. And as we can see, diners young and old respond to her warmly. There is a familiarity that belies Sea Wave’s very recent opening.

Of course, it takes more than a welcoming host to drum up business, and as we learn, the most important ingredient (pardon the pun) – the quality of the cuisine – is there in spades.

The décor is lavish and authentic to its Thai heritage. Joy invested in a total refurbishment, new everything, from the textured flooring to the rustic wood paneling of the bar and feature brick wall (a favourite for selfies).

Natural lighting pours in through the floor to ceiling windows, which look out to vibrant plants lining the boundary. You really do feel as though you are holidaying in south-east Asia.

We begin with several entrees including dim sims, Darling Harbour prawns and delicious deep-fried diamond bags – which Joy proudly tells us you won’t find anywhere else.

Then onto the mains. “You have to try our coconut prawn curry and the sizzling beef,” Joy grins. “The prawns are huge!”

We certainly weren’t going to argue with that. Little did we know, the curry is presented within an actual coconut shell. It is one of the most stunning dishes we’ve ever laid our eyes on.

As you indulge in the plump prawns and drown your rice in the coconut milk curry, it is expected you scrape the white flesh from within the shell into the sauce. It certainly adds another layer of freshness.

Other diners are already looking at us with envy and then the sizzling beef is brought out. It’s a total smoke show, and beyond the theatrics, the beef strips and vegetables are tender and rich in flavour.

We are too full for dessert after polishing off our glasses of merlot, but we envisage plenty more opportunities to work our way through this exquisite menu.
Sea Wave Thai 
57 Avalon Parade, Avalon Beach
02 8919 0774

Joe McDonough, Editor-in-Chief, Peninsula Living Magazine

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