That French savoir fare



Stepping through the glass doors into the warm light of Lindfield’s Café Lyon, you are at once transported 9,000 miles away from the hustle and bustle of the Pacific Highway to the quaint city on the Rhone. 

Here you’ll find the elegance and subtle finesse the French have come to be known for across the globe, celebrated both in décor and cuisine.

Quirky 1920s and 30s French advertisements adorn the white walls, nestled between shelves overflowing with bottles reflecting the diverse drops produced by the country’s world class wine regions.

We take a seat at one of the bistro-style booths, admiring the simple sophistication of the white clothed tables and fine cutlery. 

After perusing the concise and carefully cultivated menu, we settle upon the three-course option, as my sweet-tooth partner simply can’t pass up the opportunity to indulge in one of the authentic dessert delights.

As is customary, we’re immediately presented with freshly baked baguette, perfectly crispy on the outside, cloud soft on the inside, paired with housemade salted butter.

It takes all my will power not to fill up on the moreish appetiser just as our entrée of zucchini flower, goat’s cheese, beetroot and salted walnut salad appears.

The slightly tart, soft goat’s cheese pairs wonderfully with the earthy, faintly bitter flavour of the beetroot and mild taste of the zucchini flower.

Next comes our main, a stunningly styled dish of grass-fed beef fillet, Spanish onions, and Pommes Lyonnaise, with a side of summer greens in almond brown butter.

The steak is cooked flawlessly, the perfect pale pink of medium to well-done, tender, and moist, paired impeccably with the sauteed potatoes and slightly crisp vegetables.

Finally came, in my partner’s opinion, the piece de resistance, the mango souffle with passionfruit ripple ice cream.

The fluffy dish with its sweet mango flavours was offset brilliantly by the fruity tartness and cold, smooth texture of the passionfruit ice cream.

At $68 for three courses, excluding sides, this date night spot is the ideal way to whisk your loved one off on a romantic French getaway without breaking the bank.

Stephanie Aikins, News Editor, North Shore Living Magazine

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