Should I Mediate?


Should I mediate?

The short answer is yes. 


  • Mediation means you maintain control of the outcome of both your property division and the arrangements for your kids, rather than relinquishing those decisions to a judge.
  • Court costs often exceed $100,000 for each of you.  Mediation is a fraction of that cost.
  • Litigation is stressful and emotionally draining and the delays in Court mean it will be some years before you get a result.  A final result through mediation can be achieved within weeks.
  • Mediation is much more likely to help preserve your relationship with your ex so you can co-parent more effectively going forward.

Mediation comes in all shapes and sizes.  You can choose to mediate with or without the support of your lawyer.  You can elect to do a child inclusive mediation so your kids have a voice. If there’s a power imbalance within your relationship which makes negotiating difficult, mediators are skilled at evening out the balance. 

Reid Family Lawyers isn’t just about legal representation for your family law dispute.  We also offer affordable and supportive mediation services.  Fiona is an expert family law mediator.  Her years of family law experience along with her objective and child focussed approach has helped countless couples resolve their family

law disputes. 

Chat to Fiona about whether mediation is right for you.

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