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Room With A View

Victoria Baker

Does your guest room inspire sociable stays, or just a sinking feeling? 

Whether your guests are rare or regular, it pays to put in a little extra effort to show them you care. Here are ten ideas for happy hosting, from ensuring the basics are in place to focusing on the details that make a difference…

Beautiful basics

1. Start with a matching set of bed linen, freshly laundered for each new guest (yes, they will know). Invest in a mattress protector, and take a long, hard look at your pillows. If they’re not up to your own standards, don’t expect your guests to sleep on them.
2. Your guests will thank you for a bedside lamp they can reach without getting out of bed. Check the bulb, then check it twice.
3. If your spare room is equipped with a wardrobe, make room for your guest’s clothes (and don’t forget coat hangers). If not, a coat rack can do the trick, at least for short stays. A bench or ottoman is useful as a luggage rest, if you have the space.
4. Put fresh towels in the room before your guest arrives. And by fresh, we mean luxuriously thick. This is not the time for second best. Add a hook behind the door for a towel or robe.

Luxurious touches

5. Add some extra layers to the bed for a cosy and comfortable feel. Think about a generously sized cushion for reading or a soft throw for the end of the bed.
6. Pop a vase of fresh flowers or a pot plant on the bedside table for a pretty touch. Add a small tray for earrings, coins and phones, and a glass for water.
7. A selection of often-forgotten bathroom products is a thoughtful addition – sample size shampoos, toothbrush and toothpaste, razors and soap will keep sartorial standards up. A hairdryer completes the hotel feel.
8. Include a selection of books and magazines of relatively recent vintage, and a scented candle or diffuser. It’s finishing touches like these that make your guests feel at home.

Delightful details

9. Corral a spare phone charger and a power adapter in a small box or basket along with spare keys and details of your home wifi password. Rethink this tip if you have teenagers visiting.
10. Overseas visitors will appreciate a local guide book, a bottle of water, sunscreen, and of course snacks for the jetlag hours.

Victoria Baker is the Editor at Temple & Webster, Australia's online shopping destination for the home. She writes for the Temple & Webster Journal and spends many hours on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram hunting for beautiful home ideas. 

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