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Shutters And Blinds

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When decorating your new house or restyling an old one, it is essential to research your shutter and blind installation options to add curb side appeal and value to your home. Therefore, choosing the right window coverage relies on a selection of material and colour to suit your interior and exterior look. 

1. What colours are available?

Blinds and shutters are a focal piece of your home, so colour is the most important aspect to be considering before locking yourself in to an installation. TIP: For a Scandinavian look, white or light timber shutters are a hot trend right now, as is minimalistic black and white design with organic timber.

2. Warranty Terms?

Blinds and shutters are long term investments and can come with a hefty price tag. Finding a product that has a proper warranty in case of any issues down the road, can save you trouble and your wallet!

3. Is the product UV Stabilised?

The main purposes for window coverage is to provide privacy and to provide shade from the sun. Exposed to strong rays every day, spend the extra dollars to make sure your blinds don’t fade, curl or deteriorate over time. 

4. Ecologically Friendly?

Electronic blinds can make a significant contribution to your energy bill, so it is worth looking at energy efficient blinds and shutters to minimise that electricity price tag and your carbon footprint. It is also worth asking where the wood is harvested from to ensure that your blinds are coming from sustainable forests. 

5. Child Friendly?

To reduce stress and worry, purchase 100% child safe window coverings. Shutters are a great and stylish alternative to blinds, with no chords or chains or Roller Blinds with an electronic remote.

The Freshest Winter Trends in Window Coverings:

1. Plantation Shutters

Beat the winter chill and stash away the chunky heater with an installation of some interior plantation shutters. Retaining heat by keeping the cold out and the warmth inside, timber plantation shutters are modern and chic, complementing any style of home décor with a range of colours on hand. 

2. Exterior Scandinavian shutters

Embrace the European vibe and install some exterior Scandinavian shutters which open to maximise natural light into the home. Keeping windows large and clear of obstruction, compliment these shutters by painting your walls in white or pastel shades which will brighten your inside space and make it seem larger.  

3. Venetian Blinds

The timeless classic of Venetian blinds will look stylish on any window frame. Although solid colours add a crisp finish to the home, a wood-grain blind will provide a coastal finish, contributing to a beachy vibe. Low maintenance, the venetian blind can be tilted with a chord or wand to capture light or allow a breeze to enter the home. 

4. Roller Blinds

The most practical and affordable style of window treatment, Roller blinds are available in a range of colours, offering a simple and elegant finish. Made from opaque or sheer material to allow sunlight to gently enter a room, roller blinds can be operated manually, by a chord or motorised via remote control functionality. For large windows, opt for an ‘overlap’ installation technique which will link blinds together and eliminate gaps.


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