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Talking Editorial - February 2018

Niki Waldergrave

Hi all,

Hope you’re enjoying the last throes of summer, and that those of you with children got them back to school – or starting school – without any major glitches!

We’ve been beavering away to get the April, May and June issues of Peninsula Living and North Shore Living ready – and they’re crammed with hard-hitting news stories, devourable features and sparkling interviews, including from our cover stars, Sally Obermeder and Julie Snook.

In April’s Home Style section, we highlight five exterior trends for your home and lots of super-cool products, and in Home Living, we feature all of the shiny new state-of-the-art kitchen appliances to make life easier.

We have an extended Health, Beauty and Fashion section, including specials on eco-awareness, looking after the planet and those that inhabit it, so you can look beautiful, naturally and as conscience-free as possible. When it comes to fashion, how good are you at upcycling? We reveal the how to do it and stay chic.

In May, we have extended the Seniors and Our Education features, which are bursting at the seams with inspirational stories. Of course, this year marks the centenary of WW1, which ran July 28, 1914 to November 11, 1918, so we’ll be paying tribute to those who fought so valiantly for us.

In Lifestyle, we focus on fashion apps, the best way to update beauty products, how to look younger, staying fit and active in pregnancy and the secret to discovering your ‘why’ – your purpose. Are you living your best life?

In Home Style, we explore how to mix and match colours to make your interiors ‘pop’, and the best products to go with that. We also reveal the art of DIY candles – it’s easier than you think!

In June, we have extended Retail, Health, Beauty and Fashion pages, and highlight the best yoga fashions. And because it’s getting a bit ‘brass monkeys’ outside, we also explore the best outdoor heating solutions, including fixed and portable heaters, fireplaces and firepits.

So, lots to think about. Enjoy!

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