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Talking Editorial: January 2018

Kate Hutchinson

Hi everyone,

I hope you’ve had a great start to 2018! We’ve already been extremely busy at Active Networks putting together and planning our February, March and April issues – so what’s in them?

We have a huge range of features that you’ll no doubt be interested in. For February, the Our Education section will be extended, as will our home style section, which will contain articles about how to integrate art into your home, and making your home align with the system of feng shui so your home has the right energy flowing through it.

For our March issue, we have our Seniors feature, which will contain articles on services that can help seniors boost their mental health, and wonderful pieces about 60+ year olds in our community that have stories to tell. Also in March, we have a functions, weddings and events section, as well as a double-page article on the latest lighting trends, including what ambient, task and accent lighting you should be purchasing to make your home chic and contemporary.

In April, we have a health, beauty and fashion feature, and another home style bumper section – do you want to make your home Parisian chic? You’ll soon find out…

I’m so proud to report that out of a survey of 1000 locals, nearly half spend one to three hours reading our magazines each month. I think it’s because we have so many different, informative, entertaining and unique articles to read. From what kitchen appliances are on trend, to the latest traffic problems in the area, there really are articles for every reader and every business to gain more and more customers and clients.

Here’s to a fantastic new year! Until next month…

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