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Talking Editorial: October 2017

Kate Hutchinson

Dear Peninsula Living and North Shore Living readers,

We’ve been receiving so much wonderful feedback from both readers and advertisers not only on the content in our publications, but the layout too, which is always so lovely to hear. In a recent reader survey 41% of the over 900 respondents said that they spend between 1 and 3 hours reading each issue! Wow that sure makes the team here at Active Networks proud.

We always strive to bring you engaging, entertaining and high-quality articles that will mean the publications won’t just be a quick flick-through, but will sit around your home or business for the whole month.

And I know our upcoming issues will make sure this will happen, as always.

For November and December, topics will include the benefits of mums’ groups (not just for the mothers, but how these groups assist the community, too!), concerns over local developments, residents’ fears for future infrastructure plans and more.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom! We also have wonderful articles coming up all about why rest and relaxation matter; the latest in how to maintain and spruce up your lawn for summer; the latest in storage solutions, what Remembrance Day, Christmas and New Year’s Eve events are being held on the North Shore and peninsula; 2018 fashion trends; and how to choose the right tiles and outdoor pavers.

Plus, there are a few upcoming features to look out for as well, including seniors and education. A lovely local lady just celebrated her 101st birthday, there is a renewed focus that seniors stay active, and we speak with a lady on the latest technology and success of hearing aids. As for education, there have been a lot of student achievements of late, with charity trips overseas, sport team wins, and academic success.

If you have any comments, suggestions on article topics or feedback, I’d absolutely love to hear from you, so drop me a line at

Have a wonderful month, Kate

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