Even blind Freddy can see the value in 1800shutters


Peninsula Living had a chat with Colin Amm from 1800shutters, to see why it’s a favourite home improvement option for families on the Northern Beaches. 

What is the 1800SHUTTERS’ story?

Peter Keane started the business 15 years ago, and I joined him in 2017. We are a mid-size business, and we run it with a focus on the customer’s best interest. Both Pete and I would rather lose a job telling the truth than win it with a lie. Pete sought suppliers that offer a value for money product whilst maintaining a good level of quality for our customers, and we complement these products with fitters whose work has been scrutinised very heavily.

What products do you offer?

Plantation shutters, roller blinds, panel glides, vertical blinds, Venetian and Roman blinds, and a comprehensive selection of awnings and outdoor blinds.

You mentioned ‘value for money’, what do you mean by that?

There is a huge variation in quality when it comes to the products available in the home improvement sector, and we offer great quality across the board for a very reasonable price. With our shutters, blinds and awnings, we are often giving quotes at a better price than our competitors for a superior product.

Your fitters, what makes them special?

Buying a good quality item is really only half the job. The other half is the fitting, because a great shutter that has been measured and fitted poorly won’t look or work well. We have been very selective to put together a team that not only does a great job but represents our company values as well.

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