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Top Ten Gardening Tips for June


All your gardening tips for June

  • Clean out your gutters and drains before winter rains.
  • Check all pruning tools to make sure theyre clean and sharp.
  • Transplant small shrubs that may have been put in the wrong place.
  • Mulch your garden to a depth of 5 cms. to protect surface roots from cold, westerly winds. Keep the mulch away from plant stems.
  • Brighten up dull days with the cheerful, yellow flowers of French marigolds, Golden flax or Carolina jasmine.
  • Enjoy the wonderful, winter fragrance of Daphne, Luculia or French lavender.
  • Delight in the fabulous fruits of the Coral berry, Queensland laurel or Golden dewdrop.
  • Grow plants with vibrant foliage, such as Cordyline, Bloodleaf or New Zealand flax, for year-round interest in your garden.
  • Bring colour and beauty into your home with Cyclamen, Begonia or Orchid blooms.
  • Watch the form of deciduous trees being revealed as their framework is silhouetted against the sky.

July, 2009

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