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Are your advertising expectations aligned with reality?

You've been advertising for a long time, right? You have tried lots of media and sat through lots of sales presentations and yet you're still confused and as often as not you're disappointed. Here's the thing, are your expectations aligned with reality? Is it reasonable to expect a certain level of results from your advertising?Studies have shown that in some cases more than 30 per cent of businesses do not recommit to a campaign because they feel that they did not get value. The question is, what were they expecting was it realistic and were they measuring it?




Over the next few months we'll give you some tips and advice on ensuring that you get value from your advertising and you quantify it.




Here's a few questions you should ask yourself or better still discuss with your sales consultant.




1. What are your needs? If you were to look back on this campaign, what would you like to say that you have achieved? (for example, direct response, engagement, awareness, web traffic, exposure)




2. How and when will you know whether your needs are being met? (set up review points)




3. Is the response you are after realistic? If you haven't achieved it anywhere else then maybe it's not.




4. Is the offer in your advert strong enough? Is it in line with your competitors, is it better or worse? Would you respond to it?




5. How will you know that people have responded to your advert? Will they call, walk in, go online, subscribe or engage with your business?




6. How is the purchasing decision made? Is it immediate, could it take a week, a month, a year? Once they view your advert what are they likely to do next?




Challenge yourself to have this conversation. Once your expectations are aligned with what's possible, everything else falls in to place - the advert design, the offer, the media, the campaign and importantly the measurement systems.

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