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Seven Tips on Creating Effective Adverts


1. Spend time on the Headline. 5 times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy


2. The most effective headlines are those that promise the reader a benefit, followed by those that convey news and then those that arouse curiosity.

3. A good photograph can be just as important as the headline.

4. Never use a photo without a caption. 4 times as many people read the caption as read the body copy.

5. Testimonials improve credibility and results.

6. Long copy (> 350 words) outsells short copy in direct response advertising.

7. Paragraphs that are not "squared-up" but have short lines increase readership.

Things to Avoid

1. Putting the logo or business name at the top as your headline

2. Putting text over images

3. Using colours behind body text

4. Using colour excessively (less is more)

5. Using excessive font size, 11 points is fine 14 is too big

6. Using multiple fonts

7. Using all capitals in long sentences.

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