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How tagging a picture on your website can make a difference


Most websites have an array of photos to help show off products, services or whatever else you may be looking to promote to a potential consumer. What a lot of people don't appreciate is the difference you can make by adding a description of that photo through what's called an alt tag. An alt tag is something your web developer will be aware of, or if you use a wordpress or another content management system to add content to your website the descriptions can be added when inserting a photo pretty easily (here's a help video for how to do this with wordpress).



Why should I care?

When Google takes a look at your page it can't read the image - all it sees is the associated text (if you have an image heavy website you might want to reconsider your design if you're looking to be found in Google and not just through people).

Using alt text with keywords that are relevant to that picture and that people may be searching for can help you to outrank any competitors you may have for that keyword. It only works as part of an overall SEO strategy, but if you bear it in mind when adding a photo, then over time it can make the difference of being slightly further up the rankings in Google.


An example

For a live example here's a picture with an alt tag for our website (shameless self promotion). Hover over the image to see the alt tag.


Here's Your Alt Tag!

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