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How to write a successful deal headline


Tips on Writing a Headline for your Deal

Remember it's ALL about ME

It's all self-interest, what's in it for me, focus on me and I'll focus on you.

Don't make me think

Spell out the SAVINGS or BENEFITS

3 course meal for only $39 Dine out and Save 50% Buy 1get 1 free

Save with our Winter Get Fit Program 8 week fitness program SAVE 60%

Lose Kilos, 60% off Winter program


Don't assume that I will know that your quality is better or that your price is awesome or that you are giving me great value.

Create Concise Impactful Headlines

Your deal is the headline, not your company name and not your deal description. Knock me out with 6 or less words.

Include EMOTIVE words

Words like save, value, deal, special, free are great attention grabbers.

Reoccurring Deals

Reoccurring deals can be set to run for lengthy periods. To avoid ambiguity include the day in the headline. It is recommended you do this as the start date appears in the deal description which creates the possibility that online users may think that the deal has expired.

$12 steak and prawn night Every Tuesday $12 steak and prawn night

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