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Is running deals a good strategy?


My advice? Be careful. Running constant deals devalues your business, your brand and your industry. There is nothing wrong with having deals or specials - it is a tried and tested means of marketing.


The key is to be clear on how you are positioning your business. Are you happy to have people's business because you have the lowest prices, or are you looking to earn their loyalty through superior quality and service?

Many of the online deal sites have done enormous damage to business and industry sectors. Consumers are being educated to look for a deal, to seek the greatest discount and as a result loyalty is non-existent and your industry is devalued.

Think Local offers deals. How so, given my previous comments? Think Local has a few major differences. We do not prescribe the size of the deal that you put up, we do not take a fee, and it is only marketed locally. Our deals can also be your regular specials or packages which value add encouraging customers to try additional products and services. The philosophy behind the site is to have your business discovered by locals who, if you do your job well, will become loyal, full paying customers.

If you'd like to take up our offer of a FREE 3 month deal, simply drop us an email on "support(at)".

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