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Think Local

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Our new Think Local site has been live for a little over one month and we’re excited by the early results, for our advertisers and future advertisers.

For starters, traffic is up 21% and onsite sales are up 36% compared to the month earlier. What’s better for our advertisers, we offer a commission-free service, so that extra revenue is going straight to our advertisers.

Aside from the website, our Think Local consumer database has increased by 19% so we now have over 27,000 LOCAL consumers just an email away.

First Month in Numbers:
• Onsite (commission-Free) Sales: +36%
• Revenue (generated for advertisers): +27%
• Traffic: +21%
• Users: +11%

To learn more about Think Local, visit our advertising page, where packages start from just $96. Alternatively, email an enquiry to

Live Local. Buy Local. Think Local.

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