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Think Local: A Multi-Channel Marketing Solution

Will Jago

You will have come across at least one salesperson during your business career flying the metaphorical flag for print, Google, online, mobile, TV, radio and social media as individual marketing channels. Then, there are the website developers who assure you a new website will change your business fortunes forever, and the SEO specialists who will bring the organic traffic to the website.

Many of us marketing professionals and business influencers do not know what way to turn. The truth is, you should be utilising all marketing channels to create the best possible opportunity to grow your business, but that is rarely possible due to budget restraints, staff overheads and knowledge of the individual platforms.

At Active Networks, we recognise this dilemma and our solution was to create a platform that combined above-the-line and below-the-line marketing channels – Think Local!

While we’re not able to tick every box within the ever-growing suite of marketing channels, Think Local integrates online, print, email and social media to influence consumer behaviour throughout the awareness, consideration, purchase and retention stages of the marketing cycle.

Here’s how it works:

  • Online

Our website ( attracts 10,000 local users per month and provides the platform for your content to be viewed, engaged with and purchased. We send all the enquiries and customers direct to your business.
The website enables you to publish the following content, which acts as an engagement and qualifying tool:

  • Business Listing – provides an overview of your business
  • Events – publish your upcoming events
  • Promotions – publish your in-house promotions
  • Deals – publish your offers which are at least 50% off
  • Brochures – upload marketing collateral and information that represents your business
  • Videos
  • Images Galleries

Think of our website as a mini version of your website, creating awareness of your brand and qualifying users through your content, before referring qualified leads and customers to your door.

  • Print

As you know, we also own Peninsula Living and North Shore Living magazines, which have a total monthly distribution of 132,000 copies across the Northern Beaches and North Shore.
Through a Think Local package, we can publish your relevant events and deals within the magazines, creating awareness of your brand and products among consumers who prefer above-the-line communication channels.
We also publish your business’s contact details to optimise conversions and qualify leads.

  • Email

We use email for the awareness, purchase and retention stages of the marketing cycle, utilising our database of 30,000 local consumers based on the Northern Beaches and North Shore.
If our subscribers are not aware of your products, they will receive your content straight to their inbox every Wednesday and Saturday.
Some locals have viewed your products on Think Local and in our magazines but have not yet completed a purchase. They will also receive your content with a direct call-to-action.
Our emails deliver your content straight to the inbox of local residents who are most likely to purchase and, in turn, become your loyal customers.
If an online user reaches the cart on Think Local before abandoning their purchase, we can also send those users a customer service email offering them support in completing their purchase with your company.

  • Social Media

We understand social media may have become a leading channel in your marketing strategy, so we integrate your Facebook page with Think Local business listings. Your Facebook posts will no longer just be seen by your Facebook community (after navigating their way through Facebook’s complexed algorithms to be seen at all) but that content will also be seen by Think Local users who visit your content online.
Think Local – turning locals into loyals!
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