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Think Local: Planning for the Year Ahead

Will Jago

In previous months we have discussed how important Timing is with Think Local, the True Value of our packages, as well as Database & Marketing opportunities made available through Think Local. All of those article articles are available at the bottom of this page…

This month, we are discuss our content calendars, which are designed to make our packages as efficient as possible for our advertisers throughout 2018.

After speaking to many of our advertisers, it’s obvious that time is so precious it becomes difficult for them to plan ahead with regards to their Think Local content; the content becomes a reactive exercise, rather than a proactive plan.

As a result, Think Local is working together with our advertisers to create quarterly or 6-month marketing plans. We help them plan ahead to ensure more of their time is spent running their businesses, with less time thinking up Promotions, Deals, Events and Competitions.

Now, we require just 2-4 meetings per year to collect all of the content required for us to create the campaigns throughout the year, and we undertake all the legwork before sending to our advertisers for sign-off.

And, the plan that we agree on and share with the advertiser can also be used for their social media and email activity. Before we know it, all of our advertisers have an annual content plan which outlines their marketing activity throughout the year. When combined with the month and annual reporting support, which is built into every Think Local package, the content plan should provide the marketing plan for years to come.

The Plan
At Think Local we believe that the plan should include the following elements:

  • Timeframe (week, month, quarter or year)
  • Channel (which platform is being used to advertise)
  • Content/Campaigns
  • Results (include traffic, referrals, sales & revenue)
  • Customers
  • Costs
  • Return on Advertising Spent (ROA)

Below you will see what the plan might look like in reality….

Think Local Content Plan

The planning phase is just another way that we work with our advertisers to turn locals into loyal customers, from just $165 per month.

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