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Thinklocal's General Deal Terms and Conditions


This Agreement supersedes and excludes any prior agreement, understanding or arrangement between the parties, whether oral or in writing.


Thinklocal markets the Deals and acts as an agent in selling the Vouchers on behalf of YOU the Merchant. The Merchant is the issuer of the Voucher. As issuer of the Voucher, the Merchant is fully responsible for any and all injuries, illnesses, damages, claims, liabilities and costs suffered by or in respect of a customer, caused in whole or in part by the Merchant or its products and services, as well as for any unclaimed property liability arising from unredeemed or partially redeemed Vouchers.


When a customer purchases a Deal, the customer acquires the right to print a Voucher issued by YOU the participating Merchant and to use the Voucher according to its terms and the terms on Thinklocal. The Merchant is solely responsible for honouring the terms of the Voucher until the promotional period has expired as determined by the vouchers expiry date, stated on the voucher.


Thinklocal does not exclude or limit Liability for any Liability that cannot be excluded by law.


Thinklocal its directors, officers, agents, representatives and employees shall not be under any liability for the loss of actual or anticipated profits, loss of goodwill, loss of business, loss of sales or any special, indirect or consequential loss. Such liability is excluded whether it is foreseeable, known, foreseen or otherwise.


The Merchant shall indemnify and hold harmless Thinklocal its directors, officers, agents, representatives and employees from and against any and all claims, suits, liabilities, judgements, losses and damages arising out of or in connection with any claim or suit or demand:








    by a Customer



    by any third party associated with the customer and Voucher



    in connection with any goods or services offered through redemption of the Voucher



Thinklocal will pay the Merchant the full value of all Vouchers redeemed less any transaction fee (eg paypal or credit card fee) and commission taken by Thinklocal.


Payment terms


14 days after the Deal has closed the merchant will receive 80% of the value of ALL vouchers purchased less transaction fees and Thinklocal commission.


14 days after the voucher has expired (promotional period) and on provision of the voucher identification numbers, by the merchant, the merchant will be reimbursed the value of all vouchers redeemed less transaction fees, Thinklocal commission and any monies already paid out by Thinklocal to the merchant or refunded to the purchaser.


Payment will only occur via direct electronic deposit in to the merchant's bank account. Final payment will only occur after redeemed voucher numbers have been provided to Thinklocal.

I understand, accept and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions

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