Cosmetic 3D Scanning


The latest in 3D scanning technology shows the results before surgery!

If you are considering cosmetic surgery for your breasts or face you probably have an idea in mind of how you want the end result to look. Well that’s now possible with the latest in 3D scanning technology.

The Biometrix Axis three imaging system allows you to see how you will look after surgery, before surgery, so you can make informed choices about the results.

Patients can see how their body will look with different sizes and shapes of implants, which are infinitely better than using implant samples in bras.

Throughout the process you can collaborate with Dr Tew to create a series of before and after shots. The technology ensures you can confidently communicate your desired look.

And breast augmentation is not the only procedure the technology can be used for. There are also modules for nose and face, for cheek and chin augmentation, which are equally beneficial during the consultation process.

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For more information regarding The Biometrix Axis three imaging system, 3D scanning technology or cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery contact Dr Sawjin Tew.


Dr Sawjin Tew

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