How can I make my Deal stand out?

To ensure that your Deal generates the impact it deserves, we advise that you follow the criteria below: 1) Image content - ensure that your image is of great quality, and is relevant to the Deal 2) Image size - Think Local is optimised for images to be 4x3 aspect ratio. We advise using an image 400px wide by 300px high 3) Headline - Keep is short and concise. The headline should not exceed six words or 40 characters 4) Highlights text - Make the Deal sound very appealing. Consumers will not read a lot of text, so keep it to less than 100 words 5) Contact details - ensure that your Deal has the correct phone numbers, email address and website link 6) Price - most sales: On Think Local, we see most sales occur between the $5-$15 price 7) Price - highest value sales: On Think Local, the price-point which generates the highest next value is between $99 & $120 8) Discount - the Deals which attract the best responses are between 50% & 70% off

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