I'm having trouble completing a purchase through Paypal!

We use Paypal to protect your personal information. The information that you fill in when complating a purchase through Paypal must match that of your Credit/Debit card. If you are having trouble completing a purchase, there is every chance that your information is not the same as your Credit/Debit card. If some of the Paypal information fields are confusing you, see the definitions:

  • Country: The country that you are in right now. Inevitably it's Australia
  • Card Number: The long number on your Credit/Debit card. Don't add in any spaces
  • Payment Type: This should be highlighted once you've added your card number. If it hasn't click your card type.
  • Expiry Date: The expiry date as shown on your Credit/Debit card, in the following format MM YY
  • CVV: This is the last three digits on the back of your card. Around the signature strip
  • First Name: Your full first name as it appears on your bank records
  • Midle Name: You don't have to fill this in
  • Last Name: Your full surname as it appears on your banking records
  • Unit Number or Building Name and Level: This should be the number of your unit or the of your building as it appears on your banking records
  • Street Number: This is the number of your block or house as it appears on your banking details
  • Street Name: This is the name of your street as it appears on your banking records. Note, you do not have to add in the Street/Lane/Road/Drive if that appears on your address, that's for the line below. E.g. If you live on Pittwater Road your street name is 'Pittwater'. No need to add the word 'Road'
  • Street Type: Enter the type of Street that appears in your address. This could be a Street, Drive, Road, Lane. E.g. If you live on Pittwater Road, your Street Type is 'Road'
  • Suburb or City: The name as it appears on your bank records
  • State: Select the State that appears on your bank records
  • Postcode: Add the postcode which appears on your bank records
  • Phone number: Chose between your Home/Mobile/Work and then enter your number. If should be 10 digits long if it's an Australia phone number
  • Email: enter your email address which you would like your Deal voucher to be sent to

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