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Making the impossible possible

It’s been an incredible journey for Seabreeze Kitchens’ co-owners Darrell Waters and Anders Lawaetz, who have elevated their business from a small kitchen design company, to one of the biggest names in the industry on the Northern Beaches and lower North Shore.

In the 30 plus years since Seabreeze Kitchens first opened its doors for business on the Northern Beaches, the kitchen design company has seen just about everything.

“We’ve worked in every scenario possible,” confirms Mr Lawaetz. “We’ve taken product to Scotland Island by rowboat, lifted kitchen cabinets through balcony windows and squeezed 10 men carrying heavy benchtops through tight hallways. Each scenario is different and the logistics are always challenging, but whatever needs to be done, we do it.”  

Leaders in kitchen design
Mr Lawaetz originally trained as a carpenter in Denmark then moved into architectural design before settling in Australia in 1990. For more than 20 years, Mr Lawaetz has been a leader in the kitchen design industry, in part due to his acute ability to balance contemporary design with his clients’ needs and expectations.

“I’m passionate about the design aspect of the business and making sure everything goes to plan,” Mr Lawaetz says.

Mr Waters – who has been a ‘local’ since 1970 – came into the industry with a background in business management. He has proven himself as an exceptional designer, managing the sophisticated drawing and business software systems that keep Seabreeze Kitchens at the forefront of the industry.

The pair jumped at the opportunity to buy into the business and in 2006 bought out the original owner. Since then, the company has grown from a small showroom to a large one housing 10 display kitchens and a state-of-the-art workshop. The business currently employs 13 staff, producing approximately five kitchens a week.

The workshop, also known as the ‘engine room’ of the company, is where the cabinetry is cut and assembled to the exact specifications of the agreed design.

People are looking for integrated appliances, that are high-end and blend into the room,” adds Mr Waters. “The trend in splashbacks is for a more textured look, replacing mirror and plain glass finishes. As for benchtops, ceramic is going to be the next big material.

Together Mr Lawaetz and Mr Waters have proved themselves to be a successful team, bringing a sophisticated approach to design and production expertise that has seen Seabreeze Kitchens install more than 5,000 kitchens on the Northern Beaches and North Shore. Their reputation for excellence has also earned the business a referral rate of more than 75 per cent.

Seabreeze Kitchens believe a good kitchen is brought about through a combination of imagination, design and a sense of individuality.

Darrell Waters

Seabreeze Kitchens | Brookvale | Northern Beaches | Think Local
Hometown: Dorrigo, NSW
Lives in: Narrabeen
Family: Two kids
Hobbies: Weight training, bike riding, watching kids play soccer

Anders Lawaetz

Seabreeze Kitchens | Brookvale | Northern Beaches | Think Local
Hometown: Ebeltoft, Denmark
Lives in: Newport
Family: Married with two kids
Hobbies: Hunting, travelling, walking and tennis


Designer of Beautiful Kitchens

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