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Stuart Blinds Provide a Range of Top-Class Services

We Service & Install
Stuart Blinds provide free quotations for the supply and installation of new blinds. All of our Installers are fully qualified and trained with years’ of experience ensuring every installation is done in a professional and friendly manner.

We Repair
Stuart Blinds will save most blinds by simply repairing or restoring your damaged blinds and awnings. Depending on what is required we offer both onsite and factory repair service. We also stock various spare parts and can source others If need be.  

Our Technicians inspect every blind prior to cleaning for operability, ensuring your blinds are functioning as well as they should.

Stuart Blinds can also renovate Holland blinds, replace springs and brackets, re-cord and re-tape Venetian blinds, do repairs to vertical blinds – slats and tracks, also re-cording, re-stitching and re-cover of canvas awnings.

We Clean
Are your blinds dusty, grimy, mildewed or stained? Stuart Blinds cleans all types of blinds in a unique ultrasonic machine with an environmentally-friendly solution to give your blinds a fresh and new appearance. Our professional same day, overnight or two day service ensures your blinds are removed for the shortest possible time.

Our Technicians can take-down and re-hang, pick up and deliver or you are welcome to drop and pick up your blinds when ready at our factory.


Stuart Blinds

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