Styling an original pet portrait for your home


Commissioning a pet portrait can be seem a daunting process when factoring in all the variables i.e. size, medium, style, colours, even its placement in the home? 

It is simply no different to how you would go about finding the perfect art piece for that perfect space within the home but better still you are in control of how to make your commission match your decor.

When drawing or painting all my furry subjects I like to know as much as I can about their personality and combine that knowledge with colours and textures in harmony with the family home. I believe for such a personal piece of artwork that has immense sentimental value there should be as much thought going into it as you would for a bespoke piece of furniture.

There are a four main factors to consider when choosing a portrait for your home

Size and location
Where do you want your pet portrait to go in your home?

Consider the space your portrait will be placed in your home, in the main living room, hallway or bedroom? Take some measurements of the space and I would suggest taking a few photos of the area and its surrounds so you have some visual reference for the artist. This will determine the size of your portrait.

Do you want a solid/ textured or patterned background with your pet portrait?

The interior colours and textures of your chosen room for your pet portrait will give you a good guide. If you have a colour scheme within your home decor it would make perfect sense to continue this theme into your pet portrait. Simply provide a sample of the colour/texture or pattern you wish matched. 

What style do you want for your pet portrait - Painting or illustration?

This is purely based on personal taste. Some people prefer a painting on canvas and others like illustration or ink and water colour framed behind glass. Browse through my gallery of work for some inspiration on whether you want a painting on canvas or an ink and water colour framed.

Do you want a close up of your pet’s face or with their favourite toy?

This is probably the hardest to decide on and like the medium choice this is also down to personal taste. A portrait of your pet should capture their personality so I would suggest, if you haven’t already, take lots of photos of your fur baby in quiet times and in action with a favourite toy perhaps, then select your top three favourite to choose from. Make sure you have some good reference pics of face, eye and fur detail as well for the artist.

Now that you have decided on the size, colour, medium and composition of your pet portrait you should feel quite confident in proceeding with your commission knowing that it will complement your decor and make the visual impact an original artwork piece was designed for.

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