Clare and Step Into Life Beacon Hill are together making our region a healthier and fitter community.

Here are what the regulars say about the group exercise classes...

"When I started with Clare I couldn't even do a sit up or run 50 metres. Clare and the others in my group were friendly and encouraging from day 1 and I've never looked back.

"Clare trains you sensibly according to your fitness levels, allowing you to enjoy each class without fear or judgement and helps you reach attainable and realistic goals. I love training and I've come so far. My fitness levels have improved so much and I feel amazing.

"If you are holding back because you've never exercised, you are overweight or feel you'll hold the class back, disregard those thoughts! Step into Life at Beacon Hill is perfect for you. Clare will have your back!"

"I have been training with Clare since Feb 2016 - it is tough and my muscles are sore the next day but WOW! what a difference in both my fitness and strength levels.

"The classes are fun, never the same and the hour goes quickly. I am going 3 times a week and on the way to realising my health and fitness goals.

"I highly recommend anyone to join us - Clare is professional, encouraging and gets the best out of her members."
K. Tilly

"Love the outdoors! Love the training sessions! Love the accessibility! Clare is the best trainer I've had, who pushes me just enough and also makes me work harder each session.

"I love the classes and all the variety or activities and how well it fits into my life. It's amazing training outdoors as well and not in a sweaty, artificial gym.
N. Immaraj

"I love that it is so close to home. Most of us are mums and so we have a lot in common and it's great to do something good for yourself. Although it's hard work it's also fun and Clare is a great trainer."
S. Walker

"Clare is amazing. She keeps every session fun and different, which I love cause I never get bored! I also love the fact that there are morning and evening sessions that I can choose from.

"I'm a mum and I like having options to fit around my busy life! Highly recommend giving it a go!"
A. Emmalkamp


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