What's the difference between a Deal & a Promotion?

With a Deal you MUST offer a minimum of 50% off and the consumer purchases the Deal online. On purchase, they receive a voucher which they present to you the Merchant. We reimburse you the value of the vouchers purchased.

A Promotion is simply a special that you already have on your website. We re-promote it and the consumer can view it, and are directed to the Merchant's website, venue or phone number - an online transaction is not required.

A Promotion is often a regular occasion, which may take place every day or every week to increase footfall on a certain day. It includes some kind of discount or added value, but doesn't require an online transaction. A Promotion can also remain online for weeks, months or years. For example, 'Happy Hour 5pm-7pm Everyday' or '$10 Steak Every Thursday'.

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