Why Choose Us?


Complete Hearing Care offers a range of products and services to provide a total solution for your hearing needs.

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive hearing assessments (Adults & Children) – in addition to taking your family history, medical history and work history into consideration, we use precise methods and instrumentation to assess your hearing. Our comprehensive assessment includes pure tone audiometry, tympanometry, and speech comprehension to give a detailed picture of your hearing loss.
  • FREE hearing screening (Adults) – we offer a simple four frequency hearing test to give a quick indication of your level of hearing, and from here your Audiologist may recommend a return visit for a full comprehensive assessment, depending on your results.
  • FREE digital hearing aids for pensioners and veterans – the Australian Government’s Hearing Services Program is a scheme administered by the Office of Hearing Services offering free good quality hearing aids to pensioners and veterans. To be eligible for this scheme you must hold a pensioner concession card of Department of Veterans Affairs gold card, and you must also apply for a Hearing Services Voucher. or ask your Audiologist at your first appointment.
  • FREE trials of the latest digital hearing aids – we are confident that the hearing aids we fit make a significant positive impact on our clients – so confident that we invite you to try before you buy! We can arrange for you to trial a hearing aid (with settings programmed for your individual loss) in a real environment so that you can see the benefits for yourself.
  • Hearing Protection – Complete Hearing Care can provide a range of custom built earplugs for swimmers, musicians and other specialised applications.
  • Assistive Listening Devices and Telephones – there are many ways to manage hearing loss and not all of them involve a hearing aid. Special extra loud telephones, alarm clocks and other devices may provide for easier communication and quality of life without the need to wear hearing aids. For some clients, the combination of both a listening device and an aid can provide a holistic solution to managing their hearing loss. 


Comprehensive Hearing Assessments

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