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Aged Care & Dementia Seminar Mona Vale

Aged Care & Dementia Seminar Mona Vale

Date: From 02-04-2018 to 04-05-2018

Time: 19:00

When: Saturday, May 5th, Time: 09h30 to 12h00 

Where: St Johns Anglican Church, 1624 Pittwater Rd Mona Vale 

Cost: Free of charge, but all donations gratefully received

How important would the Body of Christ be to you if you forgot how to pray? Or if you couldn't read your Bible? What if words suddenly made no sense? Or you couldn't speak up to express what you needed? 

Join us at this seminar to learn how you can increase the quality of the spiritual life of those living with dementia.  


St John's Anglican Church, 1624 Pittwater Road,, Mona Vale, NSW, 2103

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