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Twighlight at Taronga: Paul Dempsey

Twighlight at Taronga: Paul Dempsey

Date: From 09-02-2018 to 09-02-2018

Time: 18:00

Price: $77

Taronga Zoo

Singer-songwriter Paul Dempsey will be performing for the Twilight at Taronga crowd as they enjoy a sunset picnic in the stunning harbourside setting, following the release of his second solo album Strange Loop.

An eclectic yet incisive album, Strange Loop is made up of 11 tracks that enclose surreptitious dry wit, the irregularity of the everyday, and the pathos of longing in a mix of magic hour melodies, striking instrumentation, and tenderly charged vocals.

Strange Loop is the sound of expanding musical horizons: of guitarmonies colliding with baritone sax; relentlessly driving rhythms and pianos being pounded; whispered vocals and reckless yelps; abandonment and containment; Queen and Kraftwerk; a room full of guitars and a notepad full ideas. For those who fell in love with the folk-tinged beauty and intelligence of his first solo album, Everything is TrueStrange Loop reveals a super-charged Dempsey; his voice more potent and powerful than ever, his stories and characters magnified, his instrumentation more adventurous and playful.

After the release of first single, the exciting and combustible Morningless, the album debuted top 5 on the ARIA Albums Chart in May 2016 and received incredible reviews. Second single, Idiot Oracle showed a more gentle folk tinged side of the album while Blindspot offered a sardonic take on pop psychology and a skewering of the cult of self-help.

Following a sold out national tour, solo regional tour, London shows, and festival performances in India, Strange Loop has been released throughout Europe where Paul has since toured.

Friday 9th February 2018 6pm

Taronga Zoo


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