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  • 1 Hour Remedial Massage 50% Off
    1 Hour Remedial Massage 50% Off
    20 SOLD

    Out of the 14 days we sold at 50% off, 10 clients rebooked for full price treatments. We also had 6 phone calls inquiring about our other treatments that we offered. Think Local WORKS.

Restaurant | Cafes

  • Toro Nero
    Two Gourmet Pizzas for Only $25
    16 SOLD

    Think Local brought us customers from the area that didn't know we had opened and how new we were - we had over 16 new customers that we counted in one month.

  • Royal Motor Yacht Club
    Royal Motor Yacht Club

    We promote and advertise our events on Think Local and in the magazines. The events get emailed out and we find out that our members and non-members hear about our events through the Think Local database.

    We’ve found that the hits we get from Think Local have been really good.

  • 2 for 1 Traditional Churrasco
    2 for 1 Traditional Churrasco
    175 SOLD

    Think Local has brought us new customers for sure. With our Deal being 2-for-1 and selling over 150, that's over 300 customers coming through the door in just three months!

    Our venue is easy to miss due to it's location, so we rely on Think Local to let people know where we are. Locals are so important to our business. As word of mouth travels so fast on the Northern Beaches, it's key to bring locals in to experience our restaurant.


  • Keratin Straightening Treatment: 67% Off
    Keratin Straightening Treatment: 67% Off
    15 SOLD

    I started advertising with Think Local to increase my clientele. The business was at a stagnant point and I really needed to do something about it. A sales rep came to me and it all fell into line, so I said yes.

    Since then my clientele increased dramatically and we have seen a 100% increase. I don’t know where I would be without Think Local and I would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking to increase business.

  • Princess Hair Package: 2-for-1
    Princess Hair Package: 2-for-1
    10 SOLD

    I am really happy with the results we get from Think Local. I would recommend it to any business large or small. A lot of our new customers said they always shop on Think Local.

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