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The salt lamp absorbs water from the air, then evaporates, then absorbs water, and then evaporates, alternating back and forth, and continuously generates ions in this process. Specifically, the heated salt lamp absorbs the water molecules in the surrounding air to the surface. When the salt and water molecules are mixed, they will dissolve.

  • Natural anion generator.
  • Protective cover for electromagnetic radiation.
  • Natural light relieves stress.

Negative ions are called "air vitamins". Just like the vitamins in food, it has a very important impact on biology. For white-collar workers, it can eliminate fatigue, improve work efficiency and get rid of sub-health. It can also improve the elderly's sleep and metabolism. For women, negative ions can prevent radiation and protect skin. For children, negative ions can improve memory, study more attentively, and enhance immunity.

Valid for pick up at the Freshwater shop.

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