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Boutique Fitness Training

Date: From 24-02-2017 to 31-12-2017

Wellness Group

You may have heard the quote that “a healthy mind resides in a healthy body”. At Wellness Group we offer you a boutique of fitness training programs that lead you to a state of wellness and help you excel in your professional life. These include everything from personal fitness training in Dee Why to group fitness classes in Dee Why. Our classes are conveniently scheduled keeping in mind needs of working professionals.

Our personal fitness program in Dee Why and group fitness programs in Dee Why are tailored to meet the needs of clients. Join us and welcome the world of wellness.

Price: FREE

Wellness Group


693A-695 Pittwater Road, Wellness Group, Dee Why, NSW, 2099

Sunday: 7:00-11:00
Monday: 5:30-19:30
Tuesday: 5:30-19:30
Wednesday: 5:30-19:30
Thursday: 5:30-19:30
Friday: 5:30-19:00
Saturday: 6:30-11:00

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