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FREE dental checks PLUS 50% Off Food

April Dental Offer

Date: From 01-04-2018 to 30-04-2018

Dr Paws Lane Cove Vet Hospital & Cattery

We're talking pet dental health!

That's why we want to offer our feline and canine friends:

FREE dental checks plus 50% off a Royal Canin dental food bag with every scale + polish
Pets are the same as us when it comes to dental health! A healthy mouth is so important and linked to overall health and happiness. 

Book your pet in for a free dental check in April + learn about dental health, and the role it plays in your fur baby’s overall health and life expectancy. We have also created useful dental brochures, which provide a visual aid when going through the dental grades- so you see (as well as smell!!) the difference between a healthy and unhealthy mouth during your consult.

T&Cs Apply. Offer valid April 2018. For more information about pet dental health, or to book in your pet's dental check, call us today on 9428 1174! We also have some useful dental info and tips posted on our website

Dr Paws Lane Cove Vet Hospital & Cattery


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