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While the length of the OzEssay faculty and the keys should not be your main consideration about their content, which can give you a little information about the culture of the school, in the end, the form if you decide not to apply. For example, when you read a bizarre call from the University of Chicago, you can immediately feel that this school focuses on creativity and individuality. If the test calls for a specific school is a great cut for you, ask yourself what they say about the school and do some research to see if your feelings about what could be right.

In General, we CollegeVine we recommend that You do not become too focused on whether or not the school requires further testing. Instead, you should consider if the school is a good choice for you. Do you think that the match statistics for students who are accepted to the extent that the results of the tests and comments? The school offers a strong program in your field of interest? There are tools to support your unique values, and activities outside of the classroom? School is somewhere better for you? These questions are much more important than if the school requires you can write another 300 words.

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