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Mind Heart Body Centre

Artarmon, NSW, 2064

Mind Heart Body Centre

Mind Heart Body Centre

Mind Heart Body Centre

Who are we?

Pei-Jiun Cheah is an experienced physiotherapist, certified Pilates Instructor for Rehabilitation, and Polestar Pilates mentor who specialises her practice in movement and dance and the intricate play between flexibility and stability. Her passion for treating the person as a whole comes from her own personal injury experiences. Whilst growing up, Pei-Jiun has always been very active, playing basketball, volleyball, dancing salsa and ballet & as a result she has had various injuries and understands the importance of treating the physical body and the mental and emotional states. When Pei-Jiun is not attending courses or working, you will find her horse riding, stand up paddle boarding, indoor rock climbing, dancing salsa or ballet, playing the piano or meditating.

Core Beliefs/Approach

At Mind Heart Body Centre we believe in addressing the causative factors contributing to your problem and not just the area of pain. Our common goal is YOU and to achieve the best possible outcomes for you. We aim to improve the well-being of your mind, heart and body so you are more connected and grounded and are better equipped to face the challenges in your day-to-day life by aiming to help you balance your mind, heart and body to achieve optimum health and happiness.

Services we provide


Pilates Studio and Mat Sessions


Postural Assessments

Pre and Post Natal physiotherapy and pregnancy exercise classes

Integrative Acupuncture

Sports taping - rigid and kinesiotaping

Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Rhythmic Movement Training

What is Pilates?

​Pilates in the present day is a form of exercise to increase core strength, improve flexibility, breathing, posture and mindfulness. Present day Pilates derives from a group of exercises called 'Contrology'. Contrology is designed to give you suppleness, natural grace, and skill that will be unmistakably reflected in the way you walk, in the way you play, and in the way you work. The benefits of practising constant pilates include deeper stability, alleviate low back and neck pain, enhanced flexibility, improves pelvic floor muscles, postural awareness, balances, and reduces stress levels. Pilates is done in either a studio session (3 people in a class) or a mat class (10 people in a class).

What is Meditation

Meditation is a means of transforming the mind, heart and body. Many people think the only way to meditate is to sit in a full lotus position. This is definitely one posture to practice meditation. You will become more aware of the habits of your mind, body and emotions and when ready begin to take positive steps to cultivate more peace, stability and happiness in your life.

By practising meditation you may experience heightened awareness, improved clarity, emotional stability and decreased stress levels

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