GENXT BT Solutions

146 Holt Avenue, Cremorne, NSW, 2090

Business Solutions for Small & Medium Business

GENXT BT Solutions

Every small to medium business needs someone to manage accounting, general administration, hiring, training, salaries, and employee relations. They will also need a reliable technology platform to operate in. This is where GENXTBT can help you.


We want to help maximize your company's ability to scale up cost effectively with a sustianable platform. Therefore, your valuable time should not be tied up with standard house keeping.  We are here to help you and your core staff to free up limited time to create more value/hour. We want you to focus on what adds more value to your business and what you most enjoy.


If you need someone for your accounting and general office management call us.


If you need someone to look after your HR and payroll with a sold system call us.


We are happy to talk to you.







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