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Bathroom Design North Shore, Chatswood & Crows Nest

Bathroom Design North Shore, Chatswood & Crows Nest


Contemporary bathroom design is the key to turning your house into a home


Have you ever been to a fancy hotel with a beautiful bathroom? Did you fall in love with the bathroom design even more so than in your own home?

Our Services

  • Bathroom design - Any interior design style
  • Free mobile showroom service
  • Harry can review your Houzz, Pinterest etc inspiration photos
  • Small, medium and large bathrooms
  • Tips and advice from a professional designer
  • Preview your design via computer aided design


The good news is by simply following a few design principles that bathroom designers use, you can achieve the same luxurious look and feel in your own home.

If you watch TV shows or read magazines about home renovation you know that the most common bathroom styles are modern, contemporary bathroom designs.

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  • Belrose
  • North Shore
  • St Leonards
  • Chatswood
  • Mosman
  • Lane Cove
  • North Sydney
  • Artamon
  • Crows Nest
  • Neutral Bay
  • Willoughby



One way to achieve a modern bathroom look is to use a colour palette consisting of neutral colours such as white, grey and other natural tones.

In general, keeping the design of your bathroom simple is important as it's a place where you want to relax and unwind before or after your busy day.

The bathroom is one of the most important areas of the house. You want your family and visitors to feel refreshed when using the bathroom. The right bathroom design can help take a bathroom from being simply functional to being a beautiful part of your home.

Whether your bathroom is small or large, renovating the bathroom can make a big difference to how you feel when you're in the space.

When you're designing an integral part of your home, you want to make sure you get it right first time and that the design will remain stylish for years to come.

Designer Space Kitchen & Joinery specialise in modern style bathrooms, along with many other styles of bathroom design across the North Shore, Chatswood, Crows Nest and surrounds.

Designer Space Kitchen & Joinery bathroom designers are your complete home renovation specialist including bathroom design North Shore


If you want to make the right design decisions about your bathroom you’ll want to do it in consultation with a designer who can help guide you and give you tips on the best way to approach your bathroom design.

Are you looking for bathroom designers and searching the web for terms such as “bathroom renovation”? Harry has been custom designing bathrooms and renovating bathrooms for many years.

He has installed many styles of bathrooms. One of the most popular styles when it comes to bathroom renovations is modern, contemporary.

Harry has design ideas that can completely transform your space and he can advise on the most economical and efficient way to go about the process.

Do you want to hear about a range of ideas about bathroom design? Looking for a quality product range that is suitable for a modern bathroom?

The bathroom ideas Harry can help with include various options for showers, tiles, finishes and design layout in general.

Why waste time travelling around to showrooms looking at bathrooms that may not be suited your space, budget and tastes? 

Designer Space Kitchen & Joinery have a free mobile showroom service that comes directly to your home to help you design a completely custom, quality bathroom.

If you’ve collected photos that you’ve found on Houzz or other places online, you can show these to Harry on his initial visit. With Harry’s guidance you’ll be able to put together a bathroom design that you don’t just like, but one that you’ll absolutely love.

Tips for designing a small bathroom on North Shore, Chatswood, Crows Nest and surrounds


Do you have a small bathroom? If so you should consider using space-saving design features.

How about putting the sink in the corner to save space? Or if you’re really low on space you could think about using a shower curtain instead of a door that opens and closes.

Another way you can save space in the bathroom is to consider your use of the bath tub and shower. 

Perhaps you could save some space by combining the bath and shower together. New design ideas mean you can try a slightly different variation on the traditional shower-over-bath combination, to make it more user-friendly.

Also, when thinking about which tiles you want to use in your bathroom, in a small space large tiles help to make the space look bigger.

Using lighter rather than darker colours in your small bathroom and making sure there is plenty of light whether natural or artificial will help to open up a space helping it feel less cramped.

Another tip to create a feeling of luxury in a small bathroom is to use cheaper tiles for most of your tiling work and a more expensive, decorative tile for a very small portion of the space such as within a small shelf cavity in the shower or a cavity in another area of the bathroom.

This allows you to add a touch of glitz and glamour without having to go over budget, as you'll only be using a small amount of expensive tiles to achieve the look.

Tips for designing a large bathroom on North Shore, Chatswood, Crows Nest and surrounds


If you have a large bathroom you have a bit more flexibility with the features you can include in your bathroom and their placement within the layout.

You still have to be budget-conscious are there are more square metres of space to cover compared to a small bathroom.

In a larger bathroom you have the option of having a large bath tub or spa. You also have the luxury of being able to have a good sized separate shower in addition to the bath.

You may want to take advantage of the space you have and choose a larger walk-in style shower.

In a smaller bathroom storage will most probably have to be combined with the vanity to save space, however in a larger bathroom you can have multiple storage spaces separate to your vanity.

These are just a few things to think about when designing your new bathroom.

Whatever the size of your space and whatever your bathroom desires, Harry from Designer Space Kitchen & Joinery can help design the perfect bathroom for you.

Harry has a background in design which is particularly helpful when it comes to discussing the layout and design options available to you for your project.

With any renovation project Harry takes on, he always takes into consideration the design of the rest of your home to make sure that you make wise choices about the bathroom layout and bathroom style for your home.

For bathroom design that will increase the value of your home on any budget, contact Harry at Designer Space Kitchen & Joinery.

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