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Custom Cabinets North Shore, Chatswood and North Sydney

Custom Cabinets Maker North Shore, North Sydney and Chatswood


Why You Should Choose Designer Space Kitchens & Joinery Cabinet Making Team to Make Your Custom Cabinets and Other Cabinetry


Sometimes you need a piece of furniture for your home that you can’t buy in the store. Maybe you’ve seen something overseas that isn’t readily available in Australia, or that wouldn’t be cost effective to ship. In this case the solution is to look at getting custom cabinets North Shore.

Designer Space Kitchens & Joinery undertake work on custom cabinetry projects such as bench seats, entertainment units and other commonly used pieces of furniture for the home.

Unlike some other cabinet makers, Harry’s attention to detail means that when he designs a piece of furniture for your home, he ensures the design features of the cabinetry fit in with style of the rest of your home.

What’s the point of investing in a custom piece of furniture if it’s not going to fit in with the style of your home? 

Harry will design the piece right down to the fine details like selecting the right colour, varnish, notches and handles for your project.

If you’re already having your home renovated by Designer Space Kitchens & Joinery and you’d like a custom cabinetry piece, it can be efficiently quoted within the production process that is already underway for your larger renovation project.

Custom pieces of furniture can help extend your renovation into another room. For example new bench seats independent of the rest of the kitchen build can help complement a new kitchen design. 

You can also improve the functionality of your furniture. For example, rather than have a fixed entertainment unit to house your TV, DVD player and other electronics in a small living room, you could get a custom portable entertainment unit on wheels that rolls away into a storage space when not in use.

These are just a couple of ideas for custom furniture for your home. What ideas do you have for your custom cabinet making project? Present your ideas to Harry at Designer Space Kitchens & Joinery who can help bring your custom cabinetry project to life.

Our Services

  • Attention to detail to suit your home
  • Improve the functionality of your furniture such as storage
  • Harry chooses the right material for each individual project
  • Works with laminate, polyurethane, timber veneer and solid timers
  • Caters for all budgets


When the time comes to plan your bathroom renovation, Designer Space Kitchens & Joinery are the team to contact for residents of Chatswood, Mosman, Lane Cove, North Sydney, Artarmon, Crows Nest, Neutral Bay, Willoughby and surrounds.

Service Areas

  • Belrose
  • North Shore
  • St Leonards
  • Chatswood
  • Mosman
  • Lane Cove
  • North Sydney
  • Artamon
  • Crows Nest
  • Neutral Bay
  • Willoughby


The Benefits of 4 Types of Cabinetmaking Materials for Your Custom Cabinets Crows Nest, North Shore, Chatswood, North Sydney and Surrounds


When it comes to any type of cabinet- making project, large or small, it’s important that the right materials are used. 

Your design ideas and budget for the cabinet making project will determine the types of materials that will be best to use. 

You may be surprised by the finishes that can be achieved with different types of materials.

Harry works with 4 types of building materials for his projects including kitchen, bathroom, laundry and custom furniture projects.




One of the most popular cabinet making materials is laminate. This old favourite is the cheapest option. You can achieve a range of effects with laminate including a timber grain veneer. 

There's a variety of textures to choose from, including high-gloss white or solid colours which can achieve a more expensive look for a budget price.

Laminate is cost-effective and it's also hard wearing. There's a lot of colour choices and a lot of finishes you can choose from.




Polyurethane is slightly more superior than laminate and also a little more expensive. It’s spray-painted in an oven similarly to how a car would be. It’s 2-pac spray-painted meaning you can have a matte, satin, semi-gloss or 100% gloss finish. It also means it’s good in warmer temperatures and it doesn't mark or stain as easily.

Another advantage of Polyurethane is that you can paint them in a wide variety of colours with colours from Dulux, Wattle, Taubmans. There is also a selection of metallic finishes for a different look altogether.

Polyurethane is a very flexible material that can help you achieve the specific colour and look you want for your room.

Although polyurethane is a durable product, keep in mind polyurethane isn’t bullet-proof, it can scratch and chip if you’re not careful.


Timber Veneer


A real timber veneer is a moisture resistant timber like an MDF door. It’s more expensive than laminate and polyurethane, but it’s cheaper than solid timber.

It includes 2.3mm thick real timber which is laid on a solid timber MDF door.

Timber veneer is suited to people who are looking for a country style design. 


Solid Timber


Another option is solid timber doors. This is the most expensive option but also very durable when well-maintained and has a beautiful finish. Any type of timber can be sourced on your request.  

Some popular options include Tasmanian oak, Blackbutt blue gum.

The price range for solid timber varies because it depends on the nature of the material.


Designer Space Kitchens & Joinery Can Make Custom Kitchen Cabinets, Bathroom Cabinets, Laundry Cabinets, and Wood Cabinets for Your Home or Business


If you want to add that special touch to your home, some custom cabinetry pieces may be in order. Custom cabinets can help you add more storage to your home. Designer Space Kitchens & Joinery can also create unique design pieces that will be a talking point with visitors.

A cabinet maker can make kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, laundry cabinets and wooden cabinets for your home. If you need new cabinetry for your home, why not get some custom cabinets installed by Harry and his team.

Are you looking for a cabinet maker who can make custom cabinets in Crows Nest, Chatswood, North Sydney and other areas?

Designer Space Ktichens & Joinery cabinet making team are based in Belrose, NSW and service the suburbs of North Shore, St Leonards, Lane Cove, Artarmon, Cremorne, Mosman, Neutral Bay, Willoughby and surrounds.

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