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178a Penshurst St, Willoughby, NSW, 2068

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Colour Me Bronze

Colour Me Bronze

Colour Me Bronze® is an award winning home tanning studio. In 2013 we won the following awards:

  • Best Home Studio Retailer Award 2013
  • Best Home Studio Customer Care Award 2013
  • Overall Mobile Operator of the Year 2013
  • Best Mobile Operator Retailer Award 2013
  • Best Mobile Operator Customer Care Award 2013
  • Best Mobile Operator Marketer Award 2013

Colour Me Bronze® was also announced as a Finalist in the 2013 Australia Beauty Industry Awards.

Our Studio is located in Willoughby on the North Shore. Heated during the winter months and cooled during the warmer months Colour Me Bronze® ensures their clients will be comfortable to get a spray tan no matter what time of the year it is.

As an experienced Spray Tan Stylist with over 6,500 tans completed over the past three years Kim is dedicated to a personalised service which ensures a flawless service every time.

Since no skin tone is the same, Kim can mix different shades of colour to suit your individual skin tone. This guarantees you get the best colour and the most natural looking tan possible.

Unlike other spray tanning studios, Colour Me Bronze® finds the best spray tan colour for YOUR skin tone, taking into consideration what the spray tan is for... and if it is for a specific event, whether it's a daytime or evening event, colour of dress/outfit you will be wearing, and of course, skin tone, eye and hair colour.

All of these factors are very important in getting the colour perfect. Even if you are just wanting a spray tan to make yourself feel better or because you want to be bronzed all year round we will find the perfect colour for you.

Kim has also perfected the art of spray tanning the hands and the feet with her own technique so you don't have to worry about any orange undertones or overspraying in those areas. You are guaranteed to walk out happy once your spray tan session is over and will definitely want to come back again and again.

3D and 4D Advanced/Contour spray tanning have now been introduced to the Colour Me Bronze® studio as another option to spray tanning. Your body will look leaner, toned and contoured. We define your cheekbones, collarbones, decollete and lengthen and slim legs, hide bingo wings and drop the appearance of your stomache by one dress size. You will look 5kgs lighter in minutes... even more so than a regular spray tan.

Colour Me Bronze® only uses the best solutions on the market that do not contain chemicals or do not use alcohol as a drying agent. This way we can ensure that you are getting the safest spray tan possible without all the added artificial nasties.

Hate getting stained on the bottom of your feet from your spray tan? You don't have to worry about this at our studio. Colour Me Bronze® uses Sticky Souls. Use our disposable, hygenic foot protectors which guarantees no more orange or black feet. Free with every spray tan.

Colour Me Bronze® - Mobile is now available in the Hills District, Northern Suburbs, Upper North Shore, Inner City/Sydney CBD, Eastern Suburbs and Inner West areas of Sydney. All staff have been trained by Kim, and taught the ‘Colour Me Bronze®' technique. Our Spray Tan Stylists have been trained and trialled before being allowed to go out on the road to spray tan clients. We have a very high standard in the Colour Me Bronze® so you will also receive the same standard from your mobile tanning technicians.

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