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Massage Therapy - Hands on Health Care

Massage Therapy - Hands on Health Care

Remedial Massage Therapist, Kat Schonell, is passionate about helping people achieve their health/life goals.

With a background in nursing, and sports such as long distance running and martial arts, she has a cohesive understanding of the human body as it functions within the workplace, and in sporting activities.

Specialising in REMEDIAL and SPORTS MASSAGE THERAPY, Kat uses specific techniques designed to relieve pain, and aide the body's recovery from musculoskeletal disorders, injuries, and imbalances.

Combining deep tissue, trigger point, METs, myofascial, and stretching techniques, every treatment is tailored to meet the needs of each client, and comes with a full pre and post assessment, as well as an individualised after care plan.

After care plans may involve stretches, strengthening movements, and exercise routines, that are unique to each client's presenting condition, level of fitness and ability, and with consideration for work/life commitments.

The after care plans will be fully demonstrated to ensure any movements are performed correctly, may have a take home sheet when required, and/or equipment such as Therabands and foam rollers(available for purchase at clinic reception),and will be reviewed each subsequent visit, by both the client and Kat to assess it's impact.

Kat also understands the massage needs of those who are competing in sporting events and activities, and can offer pre-event, post-event, and sports maintenance massages, along with demonstrations of strapping techniques, advice on sports injury management or referral where necessary.

For those requiring gentler massage techniques, she is also a fully qualified Swedish relaxation massage therapist, and can perform lymphatic drainage for surgical or non surgical related oedema.

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