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Pet Portraits to Cherish

Pet Portraits: Original artwork creations tailored for your home.
We have all gone out in search for that perfect piece of furniture or accessory to complete the look and feel of an interior space so why not apply the same concept when choosing a pet portrait? 

Gallery of work

Have a browse and choose from a variety of styles and mediums that will suit your needs. Whether you want your portrait painted on canvas or illustrated for a picture frame I can tailor to your taste. If you don’t see an example of what you are looking for I am open to special requests.


Gift Certificates

Do you have a friend or relative who would love a pet portrait to celebrate a special occasion? A great option to consider is a paws2paint gift certificate. 


About the Artist

Michelle Martinecz (currently loving life in Sydney's Northern Beaches)
Graphic designer, illustrator and animal lover (especially dogs)

I remember as a junior designer learning the ropes in advertising, from intricate cut and paste work with a scalpel and spray adhesive, and freehand illustrated mockups for client presentations to using a bromide camera. Nowadays all that can be achieved with a computer, no need to leave your desk really. 

Though I love my mac for design work, I still need an organic artistic outlet and to have real colour on a tactile brush in hand, not just represented as pixels on a screen. It just makes perfect sense to blend my design skills and passion for painting and illustration with my love of animals. The brightest lights in my life are three rescue dogs who are also my muses. Shown from left is Danny, who is very shy and ridiculously adorable, Pippy who is the carer of the group but relentless with a ball and Tilly who is very smart but has a nervous disposition. They make me a better human and allow me to pause and live in the moment. No pun intended but that is how I came up with the name paws2paint.


Choosing your style of portrait

Every commission is unique but to help you in your decision I have some popular sizes and styles to choose from on my Pricing page. I pride myself on the quality of my commissions and only use premium products. If you have any queries or have a special request simply contact me via my Contact page.


Providing photographs of your pet

For best results it is important to supply more than one image, as clear as possible, as I want to capture the spirit of your beloved pet. Unique details such as the fur texture, eyes and markings will allow for a true representation.


The timeline

Once a commission has been confirmed I am able to determine the turnaround time to complete a portrait. Current projects in progress will determine the time duration. Please know that each portrait is given my full attention until their completion and my priority is to consider all individual requests. As a guide allow 1-2 weeks for an ink and water colour and 2-4 weeks for a painting on canvas from the time commission is accepted to delivery. 



Delivery is free in the Sydney metropolitan area. Outer Sydney, interstate and international delivery (by courier) can be arranged by paws2paint — standard freight charges apply. Any additional delivery charges will be provided to you upon approval of the final painting.

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