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Body Language Personal Training

142 Old Pittwater Road, Brookvale, NSW, 2100

Body Language Personal Training

Body Language Personal Training

"Body Language Personal Training Brookvale is a boutique, non-intimidating studios for you to reach your health and training goals. We have no crowds, minimal mirrors and everybody knows your name and uses it when you walk in"


Body Language Personal Training offers high quality, high service based programs including 1-on-1, 1-on-2, and Small Group Training where you still get the personal touch.

 Results with Low Sacrifice Nutrition Plans

With the help of our qualified Nutritionist, we have been helping clients sort their way through the minefield of fad diets, misinformation, and personal attachments to food for over 15 years.

We understand that you are going to eat some foods that maybe not that good for you just because you love them. Rather than make you feel like you’ve let yourself or us down, we will find a way to include your favorite foods in your eating plan. No stress. Minimum fuss. Great results.

 No Minimum Terms

At Body Language Personal Training, our clients stay with us because we deliver top shelf service and results, not because they are roped into a long term contract they can’t break, and that’s how it should be. It keeps us on our game, but we also understand that things pop up in life that are out of our control. Our clients are busy people, so we have set up to cater for them.

But enough about us, our job is to find out about you and how we can help you. What is the best thing we could do for you right now.

Click the image below to get started with our introductory program or if you would like to talk to us in person to find out more about how we can help you.



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