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CrossFit Brookvale

20 Wattle Rd, Brookvale, NSW, 2100

CrossFit Brookvale


We were established in 2010 and were the first CrossFit Box on the Northern Beaches.  At CrossFit SPS Brookvale our mission is to transform our members lives through health and fitness.  We do this by providing a place where you can come to be encouraged, be supported, be empowered and be your best.  

Our business is health, fitness, motivation and self-improvement. We want to empower you to transform your life by taking control through reduced stress, better health, getting stronger and fitter and achieving things that you never thought possible in a safe environment.

Our motivation comes from our members. When you talk to members one-on-one, on a personal level, they’re inspiring and encouraging. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing people not only improve, but giving it their best – it’s 'you vs you' and no one else!

Our commitment and priority is to help our members hit their goals, and we know how important the role of a Coach and a box is to support you, step by step, to help you transform your body through exercise and also nutrition, to see visible results in body composition and performance.


With new challenges daily, we avoid the dreaded fitness plateau and get you in the best shape of your life.  Functional training utilises movements performed in life’s daily activities, such as walking, bending, lifting and climbing stairs.  “All-out” effort intervals, intervals that push your heart rate to about 90% of its maximum, followed by active recovery, challenge your body more than moderately intense cardiovascular exercise.

Strength training is critically important. Strength training builds muscle - muscle tension and density give a body a toned look. 

Most of our members soon figure out the best part of this whole experience is the people they train with. Drop in to our Brookvale location and you’ll quickly understand that we’re all doing this together, motivating one another and sharing in the challenges and successes as the entire class powers through another workout.


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