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Kingdom Gym

Mark Patience - Kingdom Gym Owner
I have been living and breathing fitness for my whole life. From a young age I could see what a difference health and fitness made in people’s lives. I hold a Bachelor of Arts of Physical Education and Human Movement. I used to row competitively, and soon started bodybuilding. The first competition I won was the NABBA NSW, and went on to take third place at the Nationals.
After the great success I received on the bodybuilding circuit, I decided to focus on my personal training business. I knew that I could help other people change their lives and achieve their dreams. During my career, I have helped train eight IFBB champions, but most importantly, I have helped thousands of people achieve their dream body.
Over time I found myself growing increasingly frustrated with the quality of gyms. I decided to open my own dream gym. My gym would be a  place with state-of-the-art equipment that had a great social environment. I wanted to create a place where everyone feels comfortable and happy, and a place that they felt empowered to work hard and receive the results they dreamed of (or even, never dreamed of!).
I am proud to say that the Kingdom is that gym. Come and join our fit family, you'll love it!

Kingdom Gym

  • Northern Beaches Gym specialising in body building
  • Weight loss gym on Northern Beaches, in Brookvale
  • Northern Beaches Hammer Strength training centre
  • High quality personal training Northern Beaches
  • Everything you need in a gym is right here in Brookvale on the Northern Beach!
  • 24/7 access to the premier Northern Beaches gym
  • Fitness passport welcome!

Our Equipment:
Hammer Strength
Animal Kingdom is an official Hammer Strength training centre, the only one on Sydney's Northern Beaches. We always align ourselves with the best, to make sure that you get the best results. Hammer Strength is engineered to ensure that every plate-loaded and MTS pin-loaded machine simulates the most natural, ergonomically correct paths of motion. These machines deliver the smoothest converging and diverging arcs of motion in the industry. This allows you to move both limbs at the same time, one at a time, alternating or with different weights for each, all depending on your workout needs. The machines are movement-based rather than muscle-based. As opposed to other workout machines, they work multiple muscle groups at once for total body training.
Iron Edge
Iron Edge knows what works when it comes to high performance strength training equipment. Iron Edge has a never-ending commitment to functional fitness. Iron Edge is often used by some of Australia’s most beloved sports teams.
Cybex equipment was engineered specifically to mimic the proper mechanics of human movement. Cybex equipment has an extensive heritage in sports medicine, and we are happy to use it to enhance the overall fitness of our clients.
 Life Fitness
The health of your heart is the key to your overall fitness. At Animal Kingdom we have something for everyone. We have treadmills, bikes, steppers, cross-training machines and rowers. You’ll be thrilled to get your blood pumping with our cutting-edge Life Fitness equipment. We also have fun and interactive workout programs where you can track your progress using the LFConnect App. You can also pass time by watching your favourite television show, or plug in your music and burn those calories away.

Take a sneak-peek inside the gym, check out our trainers and our equipment
Kingdom Gym in Brookvale, on the Northern Beaches

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