Wild Women On Top

Suite 18, 117 Old Pittwater Rd, Brookvale, NSW, 2100

Wild Women On Top

Do you want to be inspired and empowered to lead an adventurous life you love? Explore the beauty of Sydney, do something fabulous for your body and mind, connect with an inspiring community and have some adventures with us!

What is Trek Training?

Trek Training is small group hiking fitness program to prepare the body and mind for life-changing adventures. It is an exciting way to get fit in nature, offering a complete mind, body, spirit experience. Every workout is an adventure. 

While we love a challenge, we also want our adventures to be a fun, enriching, experience that leave us energised and rejuvenated! Trek Training is a time-efficient challenging adventure workout designed to make hiking less arduous, safer and more enjoyable!

A Wild Women On Top Coach inspires, empowers and often joins the team on challenging adventure hikes to support them every step of the way, giving them the confidence to leap outside their comfort zone to overcome fear and feel fabulous.

Our community is a supportive, nurturing environment which empowers and inspires women to lead adventurous lives they love. 

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